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My five day project, ”Domino”.

”Domino” 2012
This Installation depicting my view of the subject ” Living with a life limiting illness” was installed in July 2012 at the Waterfront Arts Project outside of Liverpool in the small coast town named Southport in Northern England.
When I started to reflect on this project, which would depict how fragile life is and how little control we do have over our own destiny, I thought about it as life is sometimes like a domino, -one piece will fall and they all fall.
I started on some drawing which lead to design every single block with weights bestanding of plaster and concrete in each base so that they could be secured and not fall over, although the smallest piece was to be heavy enough to make the next one  to potentially fall, and the next after that if one was to give it a push.
The blocks were increasing in size, like problems or symptoms getting worse but depending on how you would see it, it could also be something reversed starting with the largest block depicting how an illness could be eased, or cured.
To me the sizes are important as I would see the smallest block being something more tangeble whilst the largest block becomes heavy to grasp and handle in a metaphorical way as an illness could act to someone mentally and physically on different levels. The motion of a potential push could act as the`trigger´  that could be caused by our personal habits and already in our genes, or perhaps be coming from the outside world, such as a virus attacking our body, a mental health condition being brought upon us or the two combined creating this lack of balance and control in our body and soul.
Here is some furher information about this project this exhibition;
This is work made from polestyrene foam, paint, and plaster, not ideal to work with as it was full of fiber glass but I used what was there and made sure we had masks and gloves in handy.
Here are also some pictures of the process of this project
Added weight to the blocks.
Caused effect.
Me working away.